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DATES: July 8th & 9th


30 Minute Consultation Call BEFORE Our Shoot.

1 Hour Shoot.

50-80 Photos.

All Photos Included.

Two-Three Outfit Changes.


800 euros


To BOOK YOUR SESSION (and only FIVE SPACES OPEN) please email me at


When I trained as a coach back in 2004, I got paying clients immediately. I chatted to people, I was enthusiastic, they hired me.

But I only knew so many people. And word of mouth only spread so far.

So I started reading newsletters about marketing, niching, blogging, email lists, WordPress sites. I gobbled it all up and got busy, putting my new insights into action.

As my community grew, and as I earned enough money to go full-time self-employed, my clients and coaching colleagues started to ask: “How are you doing that? I want more clients. I want to get paid a healthy amount for what I do. I want to make a go of it with self-employment.”

So I started teaching what I knew… and I haven’t stopped.

If you’re talented and want to share your gifts with others, you’re in the right place. I’m passionate about making it easy for you to have both the impact you’re here for and the income that enables that.



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You can join one – or both – of the online courses: Passion to Profit, and Blog for Clients.

You can come to a Community Meet-Up and hang out with friendly self-employed folk.


I want people to give you money. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on yoga, Shiatsu, coaching, homeopathy, health kinesiology, Five Rhythms, website design, holistic massage, psychotherapy, business support, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), acupuncture, The Work, osteopathy, photography, Craniosacral therapy, raw food, sound healing and reflexology.

I know what has made it easy for me to spend money. I know why someone would want to give money to a service professional – in other words, why people are happy to pay for what you are offering.

I believe the self-employed path can be joyful and that if you serve others and contribute from your heart, there’s immeasurable support available for you.



DArcy and I met through RHH Live, an incredibly inspiring conference for women entrepreneurs hosted by Marie Forleo, founder of RHH B-School. 

I have been on the hunt for a photographer that could capture the essence of my little boutique art & design business in my profile shots and fell in love with DArcy‘s timeless, ethereal style. I completely resonated with her beautiful work, which has a dreamy quality to it, confidently stripped of excess post-processing and time-period emulating so common today. DArcy lets her eye and emotion rule her photographs, as it should be.
The most important reason her work clicked for me, is that DArcy is an ardent fan of traditional film photography. When I first saw her work, I felt that we were creative soulmates-me with my belief in preserving artisanal skills and traditional artistic methods such as handmade papers and watercolors, and DArcy with her passion for an increasingly rare and difficult medium, that of old-fashioned film photography. 
DArcy and I sat down to brainstorm what I envisioned for my website shots that would fit with the TreeSpace Studio’s brand, message and style. As a storytelling artist and designer inspired by whimsy and nature, I wanted to be captured outdoors, amongst trees and my art tools, in the late afternoon/evening light, and with a dreamy quality. We had a limited time to brainstorm but DArcy connected really quickly with my vision and what I had in mind. 
DArcy also helped me pick the best outfit to wear and I really enjoyed the entire shoot. Not being naturally photogenic, I warmed up to DArcy soon enough as she is so easy to get along with! She made a few artistic suggestions on my headshots which ended up being my favorite of the bunch! It was a fairly short session but there were many shots I could pick from that blended seamlessly into my website’s whimsical style and creative message. DArcy took both digital and film but it’s her film photos particularly that I love, with its elusive quality and texture that is very important to me and so hard to find elsewhere.
I know it’s a great fit when I’m thinking of excuses to work with DArcy again in the future!


My greatest passion in life is discovery…

…of insights, ideas, opportunities, and new approaches to complex problems

  • I’m a biological and cultural anthropologist with over a decade of research experience in populations at home and around the world.
  • I’m a researcher with an extensive commercial, academic, and non-profit background.
  • I’m a strategist with broad training in user experience, brand strategy, social media, and human behavior.
  • I’m an applied scientist and TED Fellow that focuses on using all of these findings to improve our daily lives!

At the core of my work is the notion of “evidence based everything.” Key decisions – from the design of a new app, the repositioning of a brand, or the implementation of a medical treatment – must always be supported by, if not grounded in, ethnographic insight and quality research.