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Who Is OYA?


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Own Your Authenticity


We believe in You. We believe in the power of you and in the power of your personal story. We believe each woman deserves to live the life of her greatest imagination. We believe in creating a world of empowered women–women who are more than just pretty– women who are strong, brave, smart, courageous, and talented as hell.

Oya, is the warrior Goddess of transformation. She is the creative energy of change and forward motion.  In our company, her persona stands as a symbol of each woman  learning to claim the fact that we are all dynamic beings who are ever-evolving. She helps us break out of stagnation and leave fear behind, encouraging each of us step into the great unknown. It is her divine mission. She is that inner voice that calmly says, “enough now” “it’s time to move forward” “time to risk more” “time to claim your power and step into your beauty”.  Oya truly is that goddess inside each brave entrepreneur who ventures out into the vast world to share her gifts and creativity.  Welcome to The Oya Experience.

With the Oya Experience, we believe that there is no such thing as competition. There is only you, and the universe supports your greatest desires. When you do things your own way, when you are brave enough to claim and conceptualize your business the way you want, when you tap into your courage and explore the strength of your voice–then you are owning your authenticity.

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