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Meet D’Arcy



My mission in life is to connect women to their divine potential. Somewhere along the way, society has brainwashed women into believing certain lies about themselves. If we took all the energy behind our self-doubt, our self-deprecation, our self-loathing, and our critical self-talk and channeled it into creating positive change, the world would shift on every single level.

I received a BA in English from Brigham Young University and a MA in Art & Humanities with an emphasis in Film Directing and Drama Therapy from New York University.

I worked in many forms of education in over 7 countries for 14 years. In 2009, I moved to Switzerland where I was hired as a media and marketing assistant, as well as a counselor for one of the top leaders on eating disorders in the world. The job was fulfilling and heartbreaking in many ways as I, myself, have suffered from various forms of eating disorders since I was 14 years of age. This job allowed me to delve deeper into the psychology and brain chemistry of negative and positive neural pathways and how they are responsible for the default decisions that we make in our lives. I also learned that what most people need to heal is a framework of unconditional love and acceptance on a repeated basis. I then took a job in Park City, Utah. I was able to one of the educational coordinators between the Sundance Film Festival and Park City High School. Highlights include talking with Amy Poehler about women’s roles in Hollywood and having Joseph Gordon Levitt yell at me (kindly) to go and make a movie already!

In 2013, I began forming my professional photography and filmmaking business in earnest. In my first full-time year I went from making $16,000 to making over 6 figures. My photos can be seen in over fifty publications all over the world. I believe each business owner can reach the same level of success. It was a lot of consistent hard work and sound business practices. I gained recognition on a national news level for my documentary style coverage of gay marriage called “Where All The Stories are Love Stories.” Excerpts have been featured on Upworthy, The Huffington Post, Freedom To Marry, ABC News, and Park City TV.


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