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Bio Video by D’Arcy

Born with multiple food allergies Kyrena has followed a plant-based diet for over 30 years. Growing up in the global multicultural Navy family Kyrena’s passion for cooking, nutrition and health began as a child where meals and parties revolved around cooking and nurturing relationships through food.

Inspired by the simple joy food can bring, Kyrena spent over 2 decades in the catering and food service industry which served to deepen her love of gourmet food.

Kyrena’s approach to health is based in the belief that, if given the opportunity, the body has a wonderful ability to heal itself. Through the years she has seen food trends come and go and has found that many people are searching for real,authentic information and solutions that will have a lasting impact on their health.

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My awesome friend, Olesya, needed some quick boudoir photos taken for her agent. She was in town and in ten minutes, we put together a quick mini shoot! She’s so carefree and wonderful. She’s also very uninhibited and teaches me a lot about being free.


From her page:


Olesya Rulin was born on March 17, 1986 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR as Olesya Yurevna Rulinkova. She is an actress, known for High School Musical (2006), High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) and High School Musical 2 (2007).


From Dawn:

My mission is to help you…

:: BE the woman you want your daughter to BECOME

:: Transform unhealthy emotional patterns you don’t want to pass down to your daughter

:: Reclaim your POWER and shift limiting beliefs to create a new life and relationship for yourself and your daughter

:: EMPOWER your daughter to live FREE from fear, shame and judgment BY WATCHING YOU live this way

:: TRUST your intuition and connect to your spiritual self

:: Calm worry, fear, and overwhelm

…so you can feel empowered to manifest the life and relationship you desire

Visit my website: and pick up 10 Kick-Ass Ways to Raise Self-Confident and Connected Girls!

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From Angie:

I will start by sharing with you that by all appearances I have lived a charmed life. I was raised in a loving family that provided me with tons of love and support. I have always made friends easily and excelled academically. I was blessed to attend a small liberal arts college and attain my degree. Since that time I married my college sweetheart, gave birth to two amazing boys and had a series of jobs that have provided for me and my family both financially and emotionally.

So you might ask, “How are you equipped to help me with personal and spiritual transformation as my life coach?”  Well, the story I have shared thus far describes how my life looked on the surface. Truth is, after much digging, meditating, and reflecting, what I have come to know is that on the inside I was lost and depleted.

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